Journal 6

Class Evaluation

Personally, I feel as if the class is not going as well as it should be. It is not the professor’s fault at all but I feel as if we don’t feel comfortable sharing and talking in front of the rest of the class. That is partly my problem of why I don’t always talk in class. Another problem may also be that the students have not done the reading for the day so they have no idea what we are talking about. But I think maybe part of that problem is that we don’t always know if we have a reading or not. Sometimes I don’t know when readings are due, and maybe it would help if the professor reminded the class of the readings that are due the next day. But other than that I feel as if the professor is doing a great job of teaching the class, some of the stuff is confusing because I don’t understand some of the words. But the professor is explaining other things in detail which is great. I need to do a better job of asking you what words mean, but then again I feel as if people will think I am dumb for asking that question. For the most part I think it is the comfort level of students amongst each other, which is why there is not much talking going on in the class.  But overall I feel that it is mainly the student’s faults for not doing the readings and that is why discussions are not going well.


Journal 5

Femi Hollinger-Janzen
Professor Sloan
English W131
21 September 2012

The Hunger Games Critique

I looked up a movie review on The Hunger Games. There were a lot more pros about the movie then there were cons.  I used the website Rotten Tomatoes to look at a review of the film, and this website had a lot of people’s opinions to critique the films. The pros were that people enjoyed the movie a lot and that the actors did a great job of portraying each character. People were saying that the movie kept them engaged the entire time because the action does not start till half way through the film. People also liked the fact that the movie described the possible world that we could live in, making it more realistic.  The cons of the film were that the camera was moving around too much making it hard to watch, and cause people to become dizzy. People were also saying that the message of the movie was very wrong, kids killing other kids. People also described how the book was a lot more detailed than the movie, so by watching the movie you did not get the entire picture. But overall there were a lot more prose than cons making the film a success.

Femi Hollinger-…


Femi Hollinger-Janzen

English W131 Elementary Composition

Professor Sloan

7 September 2012

Concept of African American Sports History

In my Afro African American Sports History class the main concept of the class is to learn about and discuss African American people and their sports background. The class provides you with background on African American people and their ancestors, and how athletics played a big role in their society. The idea that professor Sailes is trying to get across to his peers is that sports play a huge role in African culture.

The Main idea is quite clear, it presents itself in the title of the class. But the professor also goes into depth on topics that come up in debates. Such as, are African people naturally more athletic than white people? The class goes into depth on these discussion topics and also brings in guest speakers who have great knowledge in this field. The class also elaborates on how early African sports have an impact on our society now. In the class we talk about how many of the sports we participate in come from early Africans. Such as group dancing, jumping events, wrestling, as well as the celebration of the chest bumps. All of these things came from early African American tribes and we go into detail on how those things have influenced us.

The professor elaborates on many points, such as dance being the factor in the decision to go to war. As well as how learning to fight with a stick and climbing a tree may be the difference between life and death. Overall the general idea of the class is to learn more about African American people and how sports played a role in their culture. 

Journal 3

Femi Hollinger-Janzen

Professor Sloan

English W131

5 September 2012

What I have learned

This semester I am taking five classes and out of those five classes African American Sports History is my favorite one. I am originally from African so learning about my ancestors is very interesting to me. Right now in class we are discussing the African Warrior, which is a very interesting topic. I am learning something completely new about my ancestors that I didn’t know before.

We are discussing the African tribe called Zulu and the ways that they live their lives. In the Zulu tribe athletics plays a huge role in hierarchy amongst the village people. I learned that the more athletic you are the more you are respected in their society. The smallest form of physical activity can be a competition, something as small as jumping.  Dance and music also play a very large role in their society, and they are probably the biggest and most popular form of athletics.  If you are good dancer, you are then well respected in their society. Even more respected than those who are good at athletics. Dancing also plays a significant role in tribal fights. When two tribes go to war before any blood is shed, they have a dance off. The tribe that performs the better dance usually ends up scaring off the other tribe, and the losing tribe forfeits their food and resources. This is important because by doing this, no one has to die. This is why dancing is so important in that culture, it could mean the difference between life and death.

            The Zulu tribe takes great honor in the items of clothing they wear as well. The more items of clothing you have and the bigger headdress you have places you in a certain social class. The more respected and wealthy people have more items of clothing. As for the less talented, they do not have as much. Zulu people are a very unique tribe and one that is well respected by others. It has been very interesting to learn about my ancestors and their heritage. 

Journal 2


Femi Hollinger-Janzen

Professor Sloan

English W131

2 September, 2012


(Quote) Nagel uses this point to emphasize to people that humans and bats are closely related in many aspects, such as the way our internal organs function.

(Straighten out the logical connections) The part where I say uses this point to emphasize to people that humans, I could get ride of the to people and just have, Nagel uses this point to emphasize that humans and bats…


(Quote) But people cannon truly understand what it is like to e a bat unless they actually became a bat. Humans explore how bats use sonar to maneuver around and catch their rood, but cannon fully grasp the life of a bat. Nagel explains repeatedly that no matter how much we study bats, we will never fully know what they are like.

(Provide some variety) With these three sentences they all sound  about the same, I need to come up with some new ideas for these sentences to set them more apart from one another. 

Journal 1

Femi Hollinger

Professor Sloan

English W131

31 August 2012

Journal 1

            Thomas Nagel’s excerpt, “ What Is It Like to Be a Bat?”  was very insightful. From this reading I was able to take away no matter how hard we try we cannot know everything. We may have all the scientific gadgets but we still will never fully understand what it is like to be a bat, or any other creature. We as Americans think we can do everything, and Nagel proves us wrong that we can’t do anything, there are always limits in science and research excursions.

            The beginning of the article was very confusing to me because, Nagel used a lot of scientific words, which I have never heard before, such as reductionist, and psychophysical. Someone who does not know a thing about science would have no idea what Nagel is trying to convey. At the beginning there is no mention of bats so it was a little hard to get into the reading at first. As the story progressed I was able to connect to it more because I knew the words that were being used such as sonar, and echolocation.

            I found it to be very interesting that Nagel compared humans to bats. I never knew that bats had many of the same internal organs, and similarities to us as humans. A creature that is very small, sleeps hanging upside down, and can’t see is similar to a human; I found that to be very interesting. Nagel explains that we think since we may be so similar to bats we should be able to understand everything about that, but that is not the case. We will never fully know what it is like to be a bat unless we were to be a bat.

            This article was able to prove a lot, that no matter how badly we want to know something, we may never fully know about that thing. Nagel states, “ We cannot form more than a schematic conception of what it is like” (439). I found that saying to be very true and enlightening. That statement said to me that it is okay if you don’t know everything because it is almost impossible to know everything. We as humans only know a little aspect of our surroundings, even thought we think we know it all.