Journal 13

Based on the definition of play, Veronque was a part of play when she was debating with Annette and Alain. There play was a competitive play seeing who had more power with their words. Play also can be related to this quarrel that they had because all the parents knew what had happend to the kids so acknowledgment of this is know as play as well. Play can mean many different things, and the  God of Carnage is all a play in every aspect. 


Objectives, Obstacles

The Obstacles in this story were the broken tooth as well as the hamster. The broken tooth had a damaged nerve but they were not sure whether to cut it off or keep it because the nerve may be able to heal itself. As for the hamster, the dad wanted to get rid of the hamster but the hamster would not move when he set it outside. Both the hamster not moving and the partially damaged nerve are obstacles in the way of people trying to reach their objectives. 

An example of an Objective is Veronique trying to protect his son. He seems to be upset with the matter that his son got hitin the face. and he is playing the role of the responsible adult who wants to make things okay. He wants to make sure the other kid knows what he has done wrong and even thought the other kid is young and didn’t know what he did wrong. He has to play the caring adult who is going to make the kid with the broken tooth feel better.