Journal 9

Fem Hollinger-Janzen

Chris Sloan

English W131

8 October 2012

Source One

In the Bloomington area there is a large number of homeless people. This first article I read addressed that problem and talked about a foundation that is looking to help this issue. The New Hope Family Shelter has begun open homes and take in donations in order to help out these homeless people. It is estimated that there are 30 families on any given night that do not have housing, and the New Hope Family Shelter is looking to put a stop to this.


Source Two

            Elaine Guinn is the Director of the New Hope Family Shelter. Her story is a very interesting one, as a child her family was homeless. But being a child she was not aware of her family status. They would just go on living their lives as usual, and would not address the topic of homelessness. People who are homeless still celebrate birthday and do what normal people do, homelessness is just a stage in life it is not permanent. Elaine specifies that at the New Hope Family Shelter they are sure not to use the word homeless because it is after all an experience it does not have to shape who we have yet to become.


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