Journal 6

Class Evaluation

Personally, I feel as if the class is not going as well as it should be. It is not the professor’s fault at all but I feel as if we don’t feel comfortable sharing and talking in front of the rest of the class. That is partly my problem of why I don’t always talk in class. Another problem may also be that the students have not done the reading for the day so they have no idea what we are talking about. But I think maybe part of that problem is that we don’t always know if we have a reading or not. Sometimes I don’t know when readings are due, and maybe it would help if the professor reminded the class of the readings that are due the next day. But other than that I feel as if the professor is doing a great job of teaching the class, some of the stuff is confusing because I don’t understand some of the words. But the professor is explaining other things in detail which is great. I need to do a better job of asking you what words mean, but then again I feel as if people will think I am dumb for asking that question. For the most part I think it is the comfort level of students amongst each other, which is why there is not much talking going on in the class.  But overall I feel that it is mainly the student’s faults for not doing the readings and that is why discussions are not going well.


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