Journal 5

Femi Hollinger-Janzen
Professor Sloan
English W131
21 September 2012

The Hunger Games Critique

I looked up a movie review on The Hunger Games. There were a lot more pros about the movie then there were cons.  I used the website Rotten Tomatoes to look at a review of the film, and this website had a lot of people’s opinions to critique the films. The pros were that people enjoyed the movie a lot and that the actors did a great job of portraying each character. People were saying that the movie kept them engaged the entire time because the action does not start till half way through the film. People also liked the fact that the movie described the possible world that we could live in, making it more realistic.  The cons of the film were that the camera was moving around too much making it hard to watch, and cause people to become dizzy. People were also saying that the message of the movie was very wrong, kids killing other kids. People also described how the book was a lot more detailed than the movie, so by watching the movie you did not get the entire picture. But overall there were a lot more prose than cons making the film a success.


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