Journal 3

Femi Hollinger-Janzen

Professor Sloan

English W131

5 September 2012

What I have learned

This semester I am taking five classes and out of those five classes African American Sports History is my favorite one. I am originally from African so learning about my ancestors is very interesting to me. Right now in class we are discussing the African Warrior, which is a very interesting topic. I am learning something completely new about my ancestors that I didn’t know before.

We are discussing the African tribe called Zulu and the ways that they live their lives. In the Zulu tribe athletics plays a huge role in hierarchy amongst the village people. I learned that the more athletic you are the more you are respected in their society. The smallest form of physical activity can be a competition, something as small as jumping.  Dance and music also play a very large role in their society, and they are probably the biggest and most popular form of athletics.  If you are good dancer, you are then well respected in their society. Even more respected than those who are good at athletics. Dancing also plays a significant role in tribal fights. When two tribes go to war before any blood is shed, they have a dance off. The tribe that performs the better dance usually ends up scaring off the other tribe, and the losing tribe forfeits their food and resources. This is important because by doing this, no one has to die. This is why dancing is so important in that culture, it could mean the difference between life and death.

            The Zulu tribe takes great honor in the items of clothing they wear as well. The more items of clothing you have and the bigger headdress you have places you in a certain social class. The more respected and wealthy people have more items of clothing. As for the less talented, they do not have as much. Zulu people are a very unique tribe and one that is well respected by others. It has been very interesting to learn about my ancestors and their heritage. 


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