Femi Hollinger-…

Femi Hollinger-Janzen

English W131 Elementary Composition

Professor Sloan

7 September 2012

Concept of African American Sports History

In my Afro African American Sports History class the main concept of the class is to learn about and discuss African American people and their sports background. The class provides you with background on African American people and their ancestors, and how athletics played a big role in their society. The idea that professor Sailes is trying to get across to his peers is that sports play a huge role in African culture.

The Main idea is quite clear, it presents itself in the title of the class. But the professor also goes into depth on topics that come up in debates. Such as, are African people naturally more athletic than white people? The class goes into depth on these discussion topics and also brings in guest speakers who have great knowledge in this field. The class also elaborates on how early African sports have an impact on our society now. In the class we talk about how many of the sports we participate in come from early Africans. Such as group dancing, jumping events, wrestling, as well as the celebration of the chest bumps. All of these things came from early African American tribes and we go into detail on how those things have influenced us.

The professor elaborates on many points, such as dance being the factor in the decision to go to war. As well as how learning to fight with a stick and climbing a tree may be the difference between life and death. Overall the general idea of the class is to learn more about African American people and how sports played a role in their culture. 


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